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How Much Does Foundation Waterproofing Cost?

Foundation waterproofing is very important for the preservation and maintenance of a home, not just in wet areas, and there are multiple factors that can either push up or push down the price of home your particular foundation's needs.

This process may be necessary if you are to prevent any unnecessary structural damage as waterproofing your foundation can protect your home from a wide range of issues. Moreover, waterproofing can keep your home in great shape for longer and make selling your property a more attractive offer. And in any case, having water and other elements seep into the foundation is definitely not what you want.

Foundation waterproofing is not your basic DIY home maintenance job. You need the right tools and expertise that comes with years of experience. We recommend you get in touch with local professionals and compare several estimates to get the best deal and value for money.

Factors That Will Affect The Cost To Waterproof Your Foundation

Several factors will affect your overall costs, including the contractor you ultimately choose to work with and your specific region you live in. Here are some of the main factors to consider when comparing estimates from local contractors. 

Size of Home Foundation

Now, foundation waterproofing is never going to be cheap because of the time, materials, and effort that it takes to do a good job. An average are to of about 1,500 sq ft is going to fall into the low-end range of around $3,000. This lower tier price range is most likely going to be applied to smaller homes with a less extensive foundation to waterproof.

Larger homes, those with basements, and those that have larger foundations will naturally cost much more than a smaller home without a basement and can easily breach the $10,000 price range. This will typically cover excavations, foundation supports and added water drainage areas.

Types Of Products Used

Most waterproofing companies will use one or two coats of their solution. The second coat, in most cases, is completely necessary as it does help to keep out water and it also helps to combat any corrosion of the first coat.  With an average sized home using normal grade waterproofing solution, you can expect to pay the average price of around $5,000.

Most companies have certain brands which they prefer to work with so they may be able to offer deals on certain products if you choose to use them. 

Existing Damage

If there is existing damage from water and from flooding, it is going to need to be cleaned up prior to any sort of waterproofing. If there is mold, drywall damage, structural foundation issues, or any other damage that may be a liability or a danger to the home and homeowner, it will need to be cleaned up well before the waterproofing begins.

This will all depend on the size, age and current damage to the foundation. Repairs of this nature can vary from $2,500 to in the region of $30,000, depending on how accessible the targeted areas are, how much digging is required and how much landscaping or other work must be restored. . You will be well advised to consult more than one local contractor to get the best advice on what your property requires.

Extras to Consider

  • Gutters and downspouts: Installing rain gutters and extending downspouts can be a cost effective solution for many by redirecting rainwater away from the foundation. Above ground downspouts of between 3-25 ft cost anywhere between $10 and $50 each. If you want to extend downspouts into below ground drainage pipes or dry wells, you can expect to anywhere between $100 - $400 on materials. For some professional labor you could pay anywhere from as little as $200 to as much as $2,000
  • Sealant: Many fixes involve the use of a rubberized sealant, which should cost around $10 - $14 per gallon.
  • Epoxy injection: Similar to sealants, however, this may only provide a temporary solution to fill cracks in poured-concrete walls. Epoxy injections can cost anywhere from $300 or more.

Keep in mind that the cost to waterproof your foundation will vary based on what state or city you live in. Local permit requirements, water tables, and soil composition could also affect rates. Major waterproofing projects often involve heavy equipment and multiple trips in large trucks, so your region's diesel prices and vehicle taxes may have an impact as well.

Get in Touch With a Local Contractor For Your Free Estimate

These cost estimates are only a rough idea of national averages and what you're likely to pay. If you are looking for a more specific quote from foundation waterproofing contractors near you, you can now request a totally FREE localized estimate.

Simply enter your zip code in the space provided below, and a local contractor will reach out to you for a more comprehensive breakdown of the cost based on your specific location and property requirements. 


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