Basement Drainage Systems Cost


How Much Does Basement Drainage Systems Cost?

It is absolutely imperative that you keep your basement dry at all costs. If any water builds up where it shouldn't be in your basement, you can expect harmful mold and mildew to eventually grow. Because nobody wants water in their basement, your best best is to install a basement drainage system if your home wasn't originally outfitted with one during construction. 

A basement drainage system basically consists of a trench dug around your basement's perimeter which leads to a sump pump. The small trench is filled with a plastic or metal channel, surrounded by small rocks and then covered with concrete.

The goal of the perimeter trench or French Drain is to, collect small amounts of condensation that may occur before large amounts of water accumulate. The moisture collected in the trench system flows around to your sump pump which then pumps water outside your home. 

How Much Will It Cost To Install a Basement Drainage System?

This type of installation costs will vary a bit depending on the size of your basement and the age of your home. Expect to spend anywhere between $800 and $7,800 for the entire job, with the average cost to install a basement drainage system coming in at $3,200. It's affordable relative to what you would expect to spend if you had to deal with a flooded basement.

If your basement is finished, you'll also likely have to remove the flooring and replace it. You may not need to remove the entire floor but only what is present around the perimeter. Anytime flooring needs to be taken up and replaced, you can expect the price of the job to go up.

If you haven't yet purchased a home be sure to inquire about whether a basement drainage system is in place. If you're planning on building a new home, the best time to put a basement draining system in is during construction. Should you decide to wait until after your new home is finished, the cost will only be greater.

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