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How Much Does Computer Network Installation Cost?

Sometimes, it’s almost impossible to imagine a life without the internet. The increased reliance on the internet has made computer network installation a priority to most new homes and a home improvement ambition to older homes.

Unlike the popular opinion that going wireless will do away with cabling, experts reveal that any form of computer network installation will always have a backbone in a stout wired network. Here is a detailed look at the cost to install a computer network.

How Much Does It Cost To Install a Computer Network?

The bulk of the cost to install a computer network goes into buying the network hardware. This will vary from cat-5 networking cables to switches, routers, and access points. The size of the network will determine how much equipment you have to buy.

Simple computer networks comprising of one computer and a wireless network could cost as little as $100. Bigger elaborate networks accommodating a couple of nodes and running modest lengths of cable could cost up to $1000. Most American homeowners will, however, spend an average of $400 to install neat, sufficient computer networks.

A complete and reliable computer network installation will not only make your home fun but also increase your productivity. You will need a robust network with a reliable power backup system to improve on your network’s uptime. Compare quotes from local network specialists for the best pricing on this service.

Paying For What You Need

Since computer networks are so scalable, it is always wise to have your computer network installation center about creating a strong network backbone. Only pay for as much as you need to get your system up and running and leave expansion slots as you go.

Don’t install a network to support 20 nodes while all you got is three PCs and a printer. Some clever tips that could help you keep your computer network installation bill in check include:

  • Buy a router that can create a strong Wi-Fi network. Wireless will help you span bigger areas without the costs of laying cable
  • Plan any renovations to coincide with your computer network installation to make cleaning and redecoration simpler
  • Talk to a computer network installation expert to get suggestions on the most efficient and cheapest topology for your house
  • Always leave the possibility of cheap expansion in future should your network requirements grow

Additional Cost Determinants

The labor charges will vary depending on the kind of network you choose. A Wi-Fi network will be cheaper as compared to laying down an elaborate network of wires. Moreover, your contractor will charge you more if you want your cables to go into your wall as opposed to going through a mold or plastic conduit.

Other contractors will also charge you for any post-installation cleaning. Intrusive procedures that put the cables into the wall, though the neatest, will disrupt your interior décor. You will have to spend extra cash in restoring the walls and hiding away the interference. A cheaper alternative would be going for installations that blend in without necessarily harming your walls.

Matching Your Network With The Right ISP

The computer networking installation would be incomplete without finding the best internet service provider. Coupling your network needs with the right subscription plan will keep your network from lagging. Streaming or downloading big files will require a heftier plan as opposed to regular browsing or work correspondence.

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