Computer Network Repair Cost


How Much Does Computer Network Repair Cost?

If your computer network is causing problems, it’s probably time to call in the pros. Working with wiring requires the skill of a licensed electrician, so don’t be tempted to tackle this one yourself. The risk of electrocution, fire, or other hazards isn’t worth the attempt at saving money, and you could easily find yourself in over your head. 

If the issue is connectivity, rather than wiring, you’ll need a network technician rather than an electrician. Here are some factors that a professional will use to help evaluate the cost to repair a computer network.

How Much Does it Cost to Repair a Computer Network?

The average cost of computer network repair can vary quite a bit based on the above factors. The cost to repair a computer network will run $100 at the low end, $400 at the top end, while the average computer network repair will cost around $200

Several factors need to be taken into consideration, however, before an accurate cost can be calculated.

It's highly recommended that you get in touch with local professionals to get a better idea of what you should be paying for this service in your locale. Compare quotes, check references, and be sure to discuss any pricing before work commences.


One of the primary issues affecting cost is the accessibility of your wiring. The cost to repair a computer network when the wiring is encased in your walls will be higher than the cost of a computer network repair on exposed wiring. 

This is one of the primary reasons that calling in a pro can save you trouble in the long run. While replacing wiring may sound simple enough, it is considerably more complicated to pull wiring through the wall before you can even get started on your computer network repair

Age/Wiring Type

Older homes are at higher risk for two potential issues. First, older homes often rely on aluminum wiring as opposed to the newer, standard copper. 

That means that your computer network repair will include a total rewiring to bring the electrical in your house up to date. Secondly, vintage style outlets may look cool, but those old two-prong fixtures need to be replaced with modern, grounded outlets.  


Electricians traditionally charge an hourly rate, so adding extras like re-wiring dated electrical systems or drilling into walls to expose wiring will increase labor costs as well as material costs for your computer network repair

If your problem is connectivity rather than wiring, your networking professional should be able to get the job done quickly by diagnosing and then correcting the underlying network issue. If you’re lucky enough to hire a pro experienced in both wiring and network connectivity issues, you’ll be back on your now speedy and reliable network quickly.

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Remember that your location will make a big impact on this cost, so you’ll need to contact a local professional to get a better idea of the cost to repair a computer network in your region. 

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