Phone Line Wiring Cost


How Much Does Phone Line Wiring Cost?

Phone line wiring isn't as commonplace as it once was, especially now with the advent of wireless and cellular technology. However, if you're looking at adding a landline, or need a wired phone connection for a different purpose, installing one is an easy option. You just need to know what to expect when it comes to the overall price tag of this entire task.

How Much Does It Cost to Install Phone Line Wiring?

Having a phone line installed on your home is one of the lesser expensive utilities to work on. However, there are still some variables at play when it comes to the cost to install phone line wiring. These variations include:

  • jack installation
  • labor costs
  • amount of wiring required
  • current wiring

If you require a contractor for your phone line wiring installation, it's always recommended that you compare several quotes in order to get the most competitive price possible. Also, be sure to check references, before you decide to do business with a contractor.

Jack Installation

Having a phone line hooked up is more than just wiring being run out toward the utility connection. Although, running these wires into the house and setting up connection points is necessary. Every jack you are having installed will increase the price of the project, so keep this in mind. Your contractor may provide a set number of jacks for the project, which will then increase afterward per jack. They may also just charge by the hour, so consider which plan will best suit you.

Amount of Wiring Required

A larger home requires more wiring. The number of jacks you install and their distance apart will have a major impact on your final cost to install phone line wiring. This could double, even triple your final bill, so it's important to keep in mind. 

Current Wiring

Depending on your home, you may already have wiring inside of the walls, even if there is no jack in the particular room. Current lines already installed can save you money on phone line wiring, as long as the wires are accurate. Should the wiring prove faulty, it may end up costing you more. The contractor may be forced to remove it, should the wiring prove to be a fire hazard. In the end, you won't know too much about current wiring configurations or how it affects the bottom line until completion of the project.

Cost Breakdown

On average, you can expect to spend around $200 for the entire job. This phone line wiring can dip down to about $100 or, in extreme cases, can cost as much as $300. Most of all these prices depend on the number of jacks and current wiring configuration of the home. You also have a larger say in the final cost as you can choose which room receives a jack or not.

How To Get a Free Quote

When it all comes down to it, having new phone line wiring installed at your home can provide some desirable benefits, you just need to weight the cost to determine if it is right for you. If you are interested in receiving a more localized quote from professional contractors near you, simply enter your zip code in the space provided. We will connect you with the best contractors for the best prices. It's 100% FREE, and there's zero obligation to purchase or hire.


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