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How Much Does Drain Unclogging Cost?

Homeowners frequently need professional assistance to unclog drain pipes. They may clog if thick, oily substances or tangled debris collect in a them. A shower, bathtub, toilet or sink can quickly become impossible to use, and when this happens it can make life rather difficult, not to mention somewhat embarrassing. Some clogs involve less vital fixtures, such as a garbage disposal unit. Either way, the expense of this service varies depending on the drain type, the severity of the problem and a few other factors we will discuss below.

How Much Does Drain Unclogging Cost?

When you call in a plumber to eliminate problems, the majority of the drain unclogging cost goes towards labor. This includes the time it takes to travel to your home, setting up equipment, removing unnecessary objects near the drain and putting away tools. You can expedite a plumber's job by clearing the work area yourself beforehand. About one-quarter of the price funds the purchase and maintenance of equipment, such as pipe "snakes" and plumbing inspection cameras.

Basic unclogging services start at about $70. However, most homeowners spend approximately $170 due to their locations, urgency or clog severity. Some clogs are particularly difficult to remove and result in bills as high as $270. 

Other Factors to Consider

The following factors will influence your drain unclogging cost the most:

  • unclogging techniques used
  • type of drain line affected
  • necessary tools, equipment

Drain unclogging will help to avoid flooding and drainage problems, which can lead to even worse water damage and unsanitary conditions. It's highly recommended that you get in touch with plumbers in your area and compare as many quotes as possible. Also be sure to check for references before you have any work done.

Basic drain unclogging cost can increase by up to $200 in certain circumstances. You'll pay for considerably more labor if a professional needs to take apart pipes or detach your toilet from the floor. This is also true when it's necessary to clear a main or branch sewer line. 

The methods used to eliminate a clog will make a big difference too. Video inspections and water jets significantly boost expenses, while pipe snake removals cost relatively little. Several other aspects of the job can also influence rates. A sink or shower drain costs about $35 less to unclog than a toilet or a drain connected to an appliance.

Businesses in big cities tend to face higher expenses, so customers in these areas usually pay extra. However, a remote rural location can also result in a larger bill if a plumbing firm doesn't happen to be located nearby.

Depending on the company you choose, you might pay a flat fee or an hourly labor charge to unclog drain pipes. Some professionals offer flat unclogging fees of less than $100. When customers pay time-based bills, hourly rates typically range from around $50 to $140. Prices increase considerably at night, on holidays and during the weekend. You can expect to pay an extra $50 to $150 if you need immediate assistance outside of regular business hours.

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