Fall Yard Clean Up Cost


How Much Does Fall Yard Clean Up Cost?

The fall is always a season of calming peace after the long hot summer. The weather is subtle enough for a couple of outdoor activities, the fruits are ripe for picking, and then there are the beautiful leaves lazily floating into a heap. Even though fresh leaves are a remarkable sight, they soon turn into a nuisance and can bog down your yard or garden if you do not hire some fall yard clean up. Even though you could do the raking yourself, if you have the time, hiring professionals to complete the job is a better option for the busy or those with bigger areas to cover.

How Much Does It Cost To Clean Up a Fall Yard?

A number of factors will help you determine your cost to clean up a fall yard. Despite the varied determinants, most of the homeowners will pay anything between $100 and $800 for a fall yard clean up.

The cost will vary depending on the size of the lawn and the fall intensity. A good way to estimate the amount of work would be by looking at the number of shedding trees. More trees... more work.

The average cost to clean up a fall yard will, however, revolve around $300 to most people with regular sized yards and a modest amount of trees.

Getting your price estimates from multiple fall yard clean up agents or contractors will help you chart out the most cost effective route. You should consider striking a deal for the entire fall. You could save some money on this as opposed to paying for weekly contracts.

What Determines The Cost To Clean Up a Fall Yard?

The fall yard cleanup contractor and the kind of tools used to do the job will determine your bill. Fall leaf removal isn’t very complex. You could hire a cheap handyman to do the job with a rake. 

However, if you are conscious of your exotic grass and don’t want a rake going through it, you might be thinking of lawn management agencies with blowers and leaf vacuums. It will be worth it especially if you want to clean bigger areas faster.

Other fall yard clean up cost determinants include:

  • The mode of disposal. Carrying off the leaves could be more expensive than putting them in a dedicated corner to rot and create compost for your lawn
  • Your local labor rates will influence the labor costs
  • Demand for fall yard clean up will prompt a hike in clean up bills
  • Any material needed to do the job, for instance, leaf bags should you decide to vacuum

How Often Should You Do Fall Yard Clean Up?

Fall yard clean up on a daily basis could become quite expensive or time-consuming. Letting the leaves accumulate for a while is always a better option. However, experts discourage against letting the leaves collect for too long. They block sunlight and encourage the growth of fungus or mold which will, in turn, harm your grass and landscaping. The damp conditions will also breed mosquitoes and other insects that will be a nuisance to residents.

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