Land Grading Cost


How Much Does Land Grading Cost?

As a landowner, you may need to alter the shape, level or slope of your land so that it can be more suitable for your intended purpose. Through the use of various machinery and earth movers, land grading contractors can create a suitable site for building or landscaping. Each operation will depend on the intended use for the land after the grading.

How Much Will It Cost To Grade Land?

The average cost to grade land is about $600. This can, however, go up to around $1,200 or drop as low as $200. The amount a landowner ends up paying for their land grading usually depends on a number of factors. Typical determinants of the final cost include:

  • Purpose warranting the land grading
  • The type of machinery and earth movers needed to accomplish the task
  • The specific contractor rates
  • Cost to secure a land grading permit

Depending on your state or county and the nature of the grading works, a permit may be needed before you can proceed. In most cases though, this grading permit is necessary. Speak to multiple land grading contractors, some may include permit procurement in their quote. Compare quotes for the best value for money.

Getting The Grading Permit

The purpose of the grading permit is to ensure the city and other relevant agencies that your services are in compliance with safety regulations and that they have no negative environmental impacts. You will be authorized to apply for a land grading permit after your project has received grading approval from the planning office.

DIY Projects

There are some smaller land grading projects which a landowner can do on their own without necessarily having to call in a professional. The cost to grade land when it is a do-it-yourself project is usually lower as compared to hiring a contractor. They require less sophisticated tools and equipment such as a level, shovels, duct tape, a wheelbarrow and a 2×4 board. Otherwise, it is always advisable to hire a contractor for the majority of your grading requirements.

Why Hire a Contractor?

Land grading contractors are professionals in that line of work. They have skilled and experienced personnel who can successfully meet your requirements while observing environmental and safety compliance in the course of their work. Furthermore, securing the heavy machinery needed for bigger grading projects will only be possible with a contractor.

What To Look For When Hiring

While seeking to hire a grading contractor, there are a number of things you have to look for first so that you end up with one that will be worth the services you are paying for. Some of the things to look for include;

  • their experience in undertaking the grading projects
  • type of machinery they work with
  • level of professionalism
  • referrals
  • their overall cost to grade land

After you find a contractor to hire make sure you ask for a written contract that specifies the job to be done and the rates to be charged.

How To Get in Touch With Land Grading Contractors

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