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How Much Does Land Clearing Cost?

Land clearing takes a great deal of time and work, and for those companies with enough experience and the right equipment, and it can surely end up costing a great deal of money. There are several factors that can affect the overall cost, and knowing what they are can help you determine how much your project will set you back.

How Much Does It Cost To Clear Land?

Several factors affect the cost to clear land, including:

  • acreage of land
  • type of brush and clearing
  • extent of the work

Land clearing is so much more than simply taking down trees and brush. A knowledgeable professional is often the only way to get the desired results. Be sure to compare as many quotes as possible, and check references before you have any work done.

Acreage of Land

The first obvious factor is, of course, how large the tract or area of land is that's being cleared. A front yard, for instance, is going to cost far less than a two or three acre tract of land where you are going to be building a home. A yard might cost the lower end of around $400 while a larger tract, where you might be building a house, would be around $2600 - $6000. The overall cost is going to depend heavily on the size of the area being cleared for obvious reasons. Because land clearing is a must for many, knowing the cost to clear land before work starts can help you prepare for your budget.

Type of Brush or Clearing

The next factor covers what exactly is being cleared. If you are having a large number of trees cleared for example you can guarantee that the price is going to be on the high end as removal of each tree is going to be far greater than the removal of things like trash and small bushes. If you have an area that has small bushes and rocks, you are going to have a much smaller bill in the average range of around $2600. The type of brush can truly affect price, and often before a company accepts a job or offers a quote, they will ask you what type of brush needs to be removed.

Extent of the Work

The last factor to keep in mind is the extent of the job at hand. If you have a job that is going to last a few days, you may have a higher bill than if your job can be completed in one day (or a few hours). This price difference is going to depend on how long and how involved the job is. The number of people that are needed to complete the job can also affect the overall cost of the job.

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