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How Much Does It Cost To Repair a Door Latch?

Door latch repair is important, regardless of how safe you feel in your neighborhood. It would be hard for you to dispute the necessity of having properly functioning door locks on your home. In many cases, the cause for your door latches to stop working properly is most probably due to your home settling a bit. This creates a misalignment of your door within its jamb when it's no longer perfectly straight. 

There are various situations that might cause you to need a door latch repair job, such as:

  • Your current latches do not match up properly making it difficult to lock and unlock your door.
  • You may wish to change the lock for your door.
  • Your door lock deadbolt might have worn away the wood inside the strike plate on your wall, making your lock functionality weaker.
  • Your door latch might not properly line up with the strike plate, making it impossible to lock the door.
  • You may wish to purchase an entirely new door and, wish to update your latches in the process.

Regardless of the situation causing you to undertake a door latch repair, you certainly ought to take action. Before hiring just anyone for the job, consider multiple quotes from local locksmiths. This will ensure a quality guaranteed repair as well as the best rate on the cost to repair a door latch.

How Much Will It Cost To Repair a Door Latch?

In most cases, a door latch repair project will be relatively low-cost and will be completed rather quickly, in one visit. As a result, you should only expect to spend between $100 and $300 for the entire project. Including labor, materials, and diagnostics, the average door latch repair project costs $200. How much you need to invest depends on what your current situation is and what you are hoping to accomplish. In many cases, you can negotiate a lower rate per door if you plan on repairing or replacing the door latches on multiple doors.

Same Day Servicing Is Common

You won't have a very solid understanding of the cost to repair a door latch until you meet with a professional. It might be wise to have funds on hand, or at least a checkbook, as many door latch repair specialists will be able to begin and complete their work in the same visit as when they provide the cost estimate.

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Local door latch repair specialists are available and standing by in your area. You can request a 100% FREE quote on the cost to repair a door latch by simply entering your home zip code in the space provided on this page. There's absolutely no obligation to purchase, hire, or sign any contracts, and it's a great way to decide what will be possible should you be working on a budget.

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