Motorized Window Shade Repair Cost


How Much Does Motorized Window Shade Repair Cost?

With more homeowners adopting the smart home concept, automation, and remote control has become synonymous to most of these fixtures. Motorized window shades that can either plug into a centralized control system or receive signals from a remote controller will not only make the home cool but also increase energy efficiency. T

he window shades will roll up and down at strategic times helping to alleviate the strain on interior lighting and the HVAC system. Motorized window shade repair and maintenance is the only way to keep such shades, drapes or blinds at their best.

How Much Will It Cost To Repair Motorized Window Shades?

The cost to repair motorized window shades will vary depending on the parts damaged, the extent of the damage and your shade model. Expect to spend an average of $200 on repair. Simpler and smaller repair jobs could cost you as little as $100 while the complex overhauls can go for as much as $800.

Some of the most common damages to address when repairing motorized window shades include:

  • Replacing the damaged clips and slats
  • Replacing the chain on the head rail
  • Replacing broken or faulty motors

The best way to keep your motorized window shade repair bills within check is by running regular maintenance as much as possible. Fixing each fault as they develop will keep the bills low hence making and any major repairs less expensive. You can also compare repair quotes from contractors which will aid in the search for the best value for money.

When To Hire a Professional

Even though motorized window shade repair might sound simple, it is always a great idea to hire a professional to handle the repairs. Everything has to be done right and accurately for the shades to work properly.

You will spend an average of $50 on replaced damaged clips and slats on one window. This will, however, vary depending on the slat material. The more exotic the more you will have to pay for the replacement. The more detailed chain and motor repairs are costlier and will always require a professional’s eyes.

The only time you should do DIY repairs is when your window shades were designed with DIY repair in mind. In this case, replacing the slats, faulty chain or a broken motor would be as easy as swapping batteries on a TV remote.

What To Consider When Doing The Repairs

The cost to repair motorized window shades will depend on a variety of factors that are unique to your window. Understanding these will prepare you for the price quotes you get from local contractors.

  • Bigger window shades will cost you more to repair. The bigger the affected area, the more the repair material and time needed to set things right.
  • Bigger windows require more powerful motors and longer chains. These are more expensive than the smaller chains and motors on small windows.
  • The configuration of the window will dictate how much the contractor has to adapt to when installing the shades. Arches or unique shapes will affect your costs.
  • The more automated and complex the system the more the skill needed to handle the repairs. Fully automated systems might use special motors and additional electronic components to work. You will pay more to repair these.

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