Septic System Replacement Cost


How Much Does Septic System Replacement Cost?

A properly installed septic system is an integral part of any property as far as sanitation is concerned. It needs to be effective and efficient at all times.

Going for a cheaper option when installing a new system or when undertaking a septic system replacement project might seem like the better option initially but, in the long run, property owners find themselves spending much more on frequent malfunctioning and over-filling.

No matter how tight your budget is, the priority should always be to end up with a quality and effective system.

How Much Will It Cost To Replace a Septic System?

The issue of the actual cost to replace a septic system is the main reason some end up with poorly done installation. Unscrupulous contractors may offer to charge you much less at the expense of the quality of work they do.

You should expect the average amount for a quality system to come in at around $ 4,100, and it can actually go as high as $11,100. The reason for this is because the septic system replacement cost will depend on a number of other factors.

Some of the factors that may affect the actual cost include:

  • size of the septic system to be replaced
  • type of materials used
  • specific designer / contractor you work with
  • cost of labor

Remember, although several contractors may be willing to quote you for your septic system replacement, it doesn't necessarily mean they have the required knowlegde and skill to succesfully complete the job. It's always recommended that you compare at least 3 estimates and check references before you give the go-ahead. 

Three Key Areas

There are usually three key areas in play when deciding to undertake a septic system replacement project. They are the steps followed of which a property owner ought to know as they dictate the overall cost. The three stages start with the planning phase, then the installation and finally the maintenance stage.


Planning is a critical stage. When you go wrong here it is highly likely that the replacement is going to be a failure. Besides deciding on the sizing and the location for the system, this is still the stage where you decide upon the actual design and materials. Hire a good designer to guarantee a better plan.


This step of the project is equally crucial. The installation should be as per the plans generated on the earlier planning stage. A poorly done installation works may result in under-sizing or incorrectly placing. This, in turn, may lead to the failure of the system in the nearby future. Labor requirements such as the digging, placement and covering will usually influence the final cost to replace a septic tank.


Lastly is the maintenance phase which will determine how long your system lasts. Once the septic system replacement is completed one will need to do some routine maintenance work to boost its longevity. To prevent over-filling for instance one must cater for the annual waste removal which comes with a cost of its own.

Get In Touch With a Local Professional

The actual cost to replace your septic system depends on the scope of the work to be undertaken. It's always good to reach out to contractors near you in order to compare estimates and get a feel for pricing trends in your area.

Professionals in your area are standing by now to assist you with a 100% FREE estimate on the cost of their services.

How To Get a Free Localized Estimate

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