Sewer Line Cleaning Cost


How Much Does Sewer Line Cleaning Cost?

Sewer line cleaning may prove necessary if obstructions block the main line carrying sewage to the municipal sewer. This could happen if people in your home wash thick substances or long hair down the drains. Tree roots can also enter deteriorating pipes and severely clog them. These problems might result in undesirable odors and odd noises at first. They eventually cause drains to stop working, and sewage may back up in plumbing fixtures. It's crucial to seek assistance from a skilled sewage contractor or plumber.

How Much Does It Cost To Clean a Sewer Line?

The overall cost to clean a sewer line is largely devoted to labor and special equipment. You can plan on spending around $80 to $125 per hour. Another $25 goes to pay for tool upkeep and replacement. When contractors clean home sewer lines, they need drain augers or water jetters. A jetter sprays high-pressure water through a hose. Some professionals also utilize small waterproof video cameras to perform thorough inspections. This can expedite cleaning efforts and reveal the exact cause of the problem, such as hair or tree roots.

If you are in need of sewer line cleaning, we recommend you compare multiple quotes from contractors in your local vicinity. This will cut costs and allow you to compare prices so you get the best service and value for your money.

How Is The Exact Price Usually Determined?

You might pay a fixed or hourly rate for this service. Consider the following factors influencing your sewer line cleaning costs:

  • cleaning methods
  • time of service call
  • clog size, severity
  • type of contractor

Water jetting is usually more costly than using an auger, but it provides a lasting solution. Video camera inspections also add a substantial amount of money to the total expense. Additionally, you can expect to pay extra if the contractor needs to visit your home outside of standard business hours. This may become necessary if your plumbing completely ceases to function as a result of the clog. The location and severity of a clog will affect the cost to clean a sewer line as well.

Sewer Line Cleaning Cost Breakdown

On average, contractors bill customers about $300 for sewer line cleaning services. Some individuals pay this much to clear moderately severe clogs, especially during non-business hours. The good news is that you may spend only $100 if the clog can be quickly removed with a drain auger. On the other hand, root-related problems or multiple line clogs could raise the price much higher. Some people pay up to $800, especially when video camera inspections and high-pressure cleaning prove necessary.

A range of local factors can cause these amounts to rise or fall in your area. Contractors adjust their rates depending on a specific region's fuel prices, licensing expenses, average income levels and taxes. Due to a higher cost of living, they generally earn more in waterfront communities, major cities, and affluent neighborhoods.

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It's important to request a local quote if you want to know what it cost to clean a sewer line in your area. Please enter your zip code in the space provided for a FREE pricing estimate with no obligation.


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