Sump Pump Installation Cost


How Much Does Sump Pump Installation Cost?

Sump pump installation is a crucial component used to keep the inside of your home dry. This is especially true for homes that may be prone to flooding or those located in an area with lots of moisture. The sump pump will help to prevent issues of interior basement damage by taking all excessive water away from the house foundation. The installation of a sump pump can be expensive initially, but extremely necessary. 

How Much Does it Cost To Install a Sump Pump?

The cost to install a sump pump will be based on a number of factors. There are two basic types of sump pumps – pedestal and submersible. While the costs will vary based on a number of factors, the average cost of a sump pump installation will approximately be $900. The lowest price you may see is around $100, but installations can be as high as $2,000.

The installation of a submersible sump pump will be more expensive than a pedestal pump since it may be necessary to cut the concrete to install the basin that the pump will sit in. Another factor that will impact the final cost, is how far the water has to be carried from the house. The further it has to go, the more the installation will cost.

While there is the option to make your sump pump installation a DIY project, it could cost quite a bit if a mistake is made. It's highly recommended you get professional assistance, and be sure to compare several quotes to ensure you get the best price possible.

Factors Affecting Sump Pump Cost

Other factors that will impact the cost to install a sump pump include:

  • Floor type: The majority of sump pumps are put in the home’s basement. These usually have cement floors, which can be costly to cut through. However, basements with dirt and gravel will have a lower cost.
  • Installation location: A pedestal sump pump is typically installed at the opening of a drain. Submersible pumps have to be put into the ground, which is why they cost more.
  • Geographical location: The company doing the work and your location will impact the cost of the installation of a new sump pump.
  • Type and quality: Certain brands cost more. The better the quality, the higher the price.
  • Contractor: Hiring a plumber may cost more but it will ensure the sump pump is installed properly.

The installation of a sump pump is important and should not be put off. If a flood does occur, it can result in serious issues and damage if the sump pump has not been placed. Keep this in mind to ensure that you get a sump pump to protect your home.

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