Sump Pump Repair Cost


How Much Does Sump Pump Repair Cost?

Sump pumps play an integral role in keeping the house as dry as possible. They are a necessity in areas with a lot of moisture in the ground or houses that are prone to flooding. 

The sump pump works on demand to clear the water that collects in the underground sump. An effective sump pump will keep things dry and maintain the foundation’s integrity. Occasional sump pump repair and servicing is, therefore, important, especially if you run an old pump or it runs all the time.

How Much Will It Cost To Repair a Sump Pump?

The cost to repair a sump pump will vary depending on the damage and the type of pump you are running. Most homeowners will spend as low as $100 on minor sump pump repair jobs while major jobs could require up to $1000.

The actual bill will depend on:

  • The hourly rate charged by the sump pump repair contractor.
  • The type and cost of spare parts you need for the repair.
  • The location of the sump pump.
  • Your region’s demand for pump repair. The higher the demand the more you will spend on the repair.
  • The type of floor covering the sump. Loose gravel is cheaper to deal with than concrete.

Most of the sump pump repair revolve about replacing a worn out part, cleaning up pipes or fastening it to the foundation more firmly, you will rarely have to spend up to $1000. Most homeowners will spend an average of $500 unless they have to replace the entire pump or own very huge sump pumps.

Moreover, since the lifespan of a well-maintained sump pump is over seven years, it will take you quite the time before you have to replace one.

The sump pump repair is directly proportional to the damage. The more you let damages and malfunctions accumulate the more you will have to pay to get it up and running. Scheduled maintenance is, therefore, the best way to handling sump pump failure.

Signs That You Need Sump Pump Repair

A good sump pump needn’t run continuously to keep your house dry. It just needs to run for a couple of minutes to empty the sump before going off. You should call in an expert whenever your sump pump runs constantly or your house is gathering mold and seems damp.

Identify the location of your sump pump and inspect it frequently. Listen to its operation sounds and look for visible rust. You should always call in the experts whenever it makes strange noises during operation, vibrates too much or seem to be gathering rust.

Most experts would advise homeowners to replace stock pumps installed by the building contractor. Most contractors will use the least efficient pumps to cut on costs. A quick replacement after buying the property could alleviate your utility bills.

How to Keep Your Repair Bill In Check

You could do an initial assessment and troubleshooting before calling in an expert. The sump pump works on electricity. If it doesn’t turn, chances are that the wiring is faulty. If it runs but doesn’t drain water, there could be a clogged pipe or two. If you can handle the troubleshooting, you will save on time, hence money, by directing the contractor to the right place.

Getting a Free Quote

You can now get a custom  sump pump repair quote for your region without any hassles, and it only takes a moment. 

If you want to get in touch with local professionals for a 100% FREE, no-obligation cost to repair a sump pump estimate, enter your zip code on this page and let the experts supply with actual market rates for your repair. 


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