Water Purification Cost


How Much Does Water Purification Cost?

Water is the source of life. That being said, some water supplies are not as clean and pure, so water purification may be essential from time to time. There are a few different factors that affect the overall cost of water purification and knowing what they are and what to expect may help you to determine how best to go about having you water purified and cleaned. Knowing these factors can help you to decide what course to take when it comes to getting clean water.

How Much Does It cost to purify water?

For those that require basic entry level purification, you can expect the cost to purify water to be at least $100. On average, however, a water purification system goes for around $1,400. The highest amount you should expect to pay for a top of the range filter is $3,500. The main factors which affect the cost of a water purifier include:

  • type of purification
  • how dirty the water is
  • time of year 

Water purification can make a home much more pleasant and can provide water that is going to be safer for you and your family, offering better quality and taste overall. Always compare prices for several water purification systems before you decide to do bussiness with anyone. 

Type of Purification

The first factor to consider is what type of purification you are looking for. A pitcher filter is going to cost far less than a full house system and, therefore, may cause a disparity in the overall cost of your home purification. Generally, the type of purification that you are looking for is the biggest factor in the overall cost, and it can end up setting you back hundreds of dollars. 

Is Your Water Clean Or Dirty?

The second factor that will influence the cost to purify water is how dirty the water that is being purified actually is. This will likely determine what type of system you need and will even affect how much actual cleaning you need to get pure water.

Water that does not have that many contaminates or contaminates that are easy to clean with a one or two step filter may cost less while water containing hard minerals and chemicals may take far more to clean.

Time Of Year

The last factor to consider is, of course, what company you choose and what time of year you are having a system installed. Sometimes companies will run specials where they offer discounts for certain products. Also, having systems installed in off-seasons can help make prices lower overall. It's important to really determine what type of system you need before you decide to go ahead and implement water purification at home.

Get In Touch With Local Professionals

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