Well Pump Repair Cost


How Much Does Well Pump Repair Cost?

A malfunctioning well pump can undoubtedly cause a lot of challenges for any homeowner. If your well is the only source of water for your home, you have to make a quick decision about the necessary well pump repair before you have to do a total replacement.

The well pump is probably the most costly piece of equipment in your water system, but it may not be the source of the problem in your system malfunction. First, check your fuse box to ensure it’s not a problem with electricity supply and if this doesn’t resolve the problem, contact a well pump service company.

Understanding Well Pump Repair - An Expert Evaluation

There is great importance in seeking professional assistance with your well pump. A service call fee is the minimum cost of well pump repair. This will depend on your location as well as the distance the company will travel to assist you. 

The well service company will test various components of your well pump system to pinpoint the exact source of the problem. In some instances, electrical components found on the exterior of the well pump system may be the problem. 

A quick cleaning job could resolve the problem without any major labor costs. An old tank bladder could also be the source of the problem, and if this is the case, a replacement could be on the cards. 

Well pump repair costs will depend on the gravity of the problem. It’s wise to work with the company that installed the well pump as you can be sure they understand their product and you can also count on them to reduce the overall cost. Additionally, working with a licensed and bonded contractor can reduce your risk of even bigger problems because of poor installations and faulty equipment in well pump repair.

How Much Will It Cost To Repair a Well Pump?

The cost for this type of repair will vary depending on the style, size, and availability.

If your well pump technician determines that the pump is the main culprit in your system breakdown, he will pull the pump to evaluate the need for repair. 

Clogs in your well pump can be fixed for about $100. In fact, most repairs can be completed for a few hundred dollars, and this may get your pump working within a few hours. 

Pipe breaks, however, could be another problem, or you might even need to make a pump replacement. For major repair, you should expect to pay in the region of about $1500. Generally, most American homeowners spend an average of $700 on well pump repairs.

It’s important to remember that your well pump's warranty could still be viable. This can significantly reduce your  cost to repair a well pump too. Check your warranty certificate to confirm the dates and see if you can save a few bucks.

How To Get In Touch With Professionals In Your Area

Well pump repair is not a simple task, but it’s one that must be stomached. If you are not working with the company from which you bought the well pump, it is advisable to get three quotes from different companies and run background checks to determine which is the most legit and which will give you the best value for your money. 

Well pump repairs should not be entrusted to any contractor who is not certified, licensed or bonded. 

Your family cannot be without water for long, and you should thus ensure you get a reliable serviceman. Well pump repair costs vary depending on your locale. 

To get a more accurate cost to repair well pump quote from reliable contractors in your area, simply enter your zip code in the provided space on this page. 

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