Window Latch Repair Cost


How Much Does Window Latch Repair Cost?

A window latch is a clamp or lock that keeps your windows closed. They also provide the benefit of keeping your heating and cooling costs to a minimum by helping your closed windows close fully without any air transfer from the inside to the outside or vice-versa. You might also hear your window latches referred to as sash locks.

The part of your locking mechanism that pairs with the lock is referred to as the keeper. In some cases, the lock itself can be replaced, leaving the keeper in place while in other window latch repair jobs the keeper will require replacement as well.

How Much Will It Cost To Repair a Window Latch?

You'll know that it's time for a window latch repair project when one or more of your latches isn't functioning properly. Expect to spend anywhere between $100 and $800 to complete this project, depending on how many windows are affected, what is causing the problem, and how much labor goes into completing the project. The average cost to repair a window latch is around $300.

Why Do Window Latches Break?

Occasionally, your window latches will pop off the window or break due to the pressure applied to them. In most cases, this is indicative of your windows being improperly hung in the first place or your home's foundation settling a tiny bit, causing a slightly improper alignment in your window, making it harder to close easily.

If you're currently exerting an excessive amount of force to get your windows to close and for the latches to fasten, they're likely on their way to needing replacement.

Will Parts Be an Issue?

You can absolutely run into problems with your window latch repair work in the area of parts. Depending on the age of your windows, original manufacturer parts may not be available. In some cases, a generic window latch will suffice but not always.

Your window latch repair specialists will nearly always be able to determine who the original manufacturer of your windows was and that will be the first source they approach to find replacement parts.

You can get the ball rolling on your window latch repair by talking to local repair professionals who have experience dealing with windows and latch repair. The best way for them to provide accurate pricing is to visit your home and get hands-on with your windows. They'll need to see what type of window and matching lock is faulty before understanding what the difficulty will be in finding replacement parts and in order to provide an estimate. 

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