Window Well Cover Installation Cost


How Much Does Window Well Cover Installation Cost?

Escape windows and wells are now mandatory in many states. They are a great way of adding an escape route to a basement or any other room that doesn’t have immediate access to the outside. However, with most of the design regulations calling for a clear window, securing the entrance to your window well is the only way to keeping intruders outside your home. Window well cover installation costs will vary depending on the size of the window, difficulty of installation, and the specific region you reside in. Consider the following pricing factors.

How Much Will It Cost To Install a Window Well Cover?

The cost to install a window well cover will range from $100 for the simplest installation, up to as much as $4,500 for complex well covers on bigger window wells. A good window well will work to protect you from moisture intrusion. On average, most of the homeowners will spend around $800 on a good window well cover installation.

Your window well cover must be strong enough to withstand a great deal of abuse from your kids, the weather, and animals. It should be strong enough to withstand the weight of a stray animal and durable enough to withstand storms and prolonged sunlight. DIY window well cover installation is not recommended. Contact multiple pros for an estimate that suits your pocket as well as quality guaranteed work.

Factors To Consider

The biggest cost determinant would be the size of the cover and the type of material you choose to use. Bigger window well covers will consume more material, naturally making them more expensive. The material could vary from wood to metal or ballistic glass. Each material will always fetch a different market price.

Off the counter window well covers are perfect for regular shaped wells. They are cheaper and easier to maintain. However, if your window well has some odd corners or is hard to access, you might have to pay more to have a custom window well cover installation.

Other Cost Determinants

Things to consider which will affect your cost to install a window well cover includes:

  • installing angle support
  • using molded ribbing
  • installing a motorized opening and closing system
  • type of finishing you choose to put on the window well cover

Avoid spending money on cheap plastic or composite material covers that will crack or break as soon as they receive some kind of abuse. This will only increase your overall costs by forcing you to do frequent replacements and repairs.

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