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2018 Block Wall Installation Prices | How Much Does Block Wall Installation Cost?

Block walls can add a nice decorative element to your home or garden. It can also increase the use of your space. Before choosing a block wall installation for your home, look at the cost of materials, equipment, and labor for this project. Consider the benefits and disadvantages of hiring a professional for your block wall installation project.

Pros & Cons Of Block Wall Installation

Walls reduce runoff from rain, prevent damage from natural disasters and they can be a highlight for your garden. Blocks and stones are offered in a variety of colors. The colors can even be matched with planters or other garden features. 

Natural stone does not hold up well with exposure to rain or ice. If you are using concrete, the stones will need to be sealed with a special product that will prevent cracking. This will need to be applied every year. Walls can fall down or lean if they are not properly installed by a licensed professional. A professional builder will reduce the need for regular maintenance. 

How Much Will It Cost To Install a Block Wall?

The cost to install a block wall costs between $1,000 on the low end, up to as much as $12,000 on the high end. Most homeowners will pay an average of $4,600 for block wall installation. The cost will depend on the types of materials, equipment, and labor needed for the project.

Block wall installation can be used for retaining walls that help prevent ground erosion or mudslides. Retaining walls also help prevent your lawn from being over-watered.

The cost to install a block wall is relatively cheap when you consider they can be a great resource for raising flower beds and gardens. 

The benefit of hiring a professional for your block wall installation allows you to budget accordingly. They supply professional estimates for materials needed, as well as their installation costs. Contractors will also have contacts for cheaper building materials as opposed to DIY. We recommend comparing at least 3 quotes from local builders.

Cost Of Materials

The cost to install a block wall depends on the materials that you use. For example, brick walls are a reasonable option that cost around $15 per square foot.

A stone wall will cost about $10 per square foot. A concrete block wall installation costs about $7.00 per linear foot.  You will need to pay for steel bars, sand, and stones for this project. 

Cost Of Labor

Labor costs for block wall installation will depend on your location. Remember if more than one contractor is completing the job, you will have to pay the hourly rate for all those working on the job. This averages about $15 per hour.

Hire a Professional Block Wall Installer

Homeowners often consider installing a block wall on their own. This project is best left to a professional. It can take weeks to prepare materials, and you may need additional special equipment to get the job done. 

Tools and equipment can become expensive if you are doing the project on your own. Special saws and cutting equipment will be needed for certain cuts and angles for your wall. Generally, a professional contractor can complete the job in half the time that it will take a homeowner to complete it on their own. 

Get Your Free Estimate 

Because there are so many options available for block wall installation, an accurate estimate from a local professional should be your first step.  

With Homes Ace you can now secure your FREE estimate from contractors near you on the cost to build your block wall .  building estimate from local pros by simply entering your postal zip code in the space provided. 

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