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2018 Tuck Pointing Prices | How Much Does Tuck Pointing Cost?

Tuck pointing, also known as repointing, is a service that involves placing new mortar between bricks. This type of repair can benefit any brick structure, such as a chimney, sidewalk, facade, patio or wall. If desired, you can choose to make the mortar the same color as the bricks. This service enhances the appearance of brick surfaces and protects them from future damage that may be caused by water and fluctuating temperatures. It also strengthens structures by fixing any existing cracks or holes in the mortar.

How Much Does It Cost To Tuck-Point?

You'll primarily pay for labor when you hire a mason to perform this task, which constitutes about 75% of the total cost. Labor rates cover business expenses associated with travel, masonry tools and insurance. On average, expect to pay around $350 for materials. This includes a specially prepared cement mixture that's customized for your building or sidewalk. If it's a moderately difficult job, the full cost to tuck-point may work out to approximately $8.50 for each square foot of bricks. 

Tuck-pointing is a way to repair defective joints, but because each job can be such a labor intensive process, it's recommended you compare price estimates from at least three experienced tuck pointing contractors in your locale. An experienced contractor will be able to complete the job in the least amount of time possible, ensuring that will you get the best price and value for money.

Factors Affecting The Price

One significant factor is the type and quality of the mortar mixture. If you have an old structure, a mason must customize the new cement to have the same characteristics as the original mixture. Other factors which will affect the overall price include:

  • size of the project
  • necessary mortar type
  • level of deterioration
  • access to work site

Small bricks may increase the total work time because there will be more lines of mortar to apply. This could necessitate additional trips between the office and work site. A contractor might also charge extra if it's challenging or dangerous to reach the mortar that needs repair. For example, a sidewalk is much easier to fix than a chimney.

Another important consideration is the current condition of the brickwork. If mortar has cracked or fallen apart in numerous places, it will take longer to repoint due to the fact that decaying mortar must be removed before the new mixture can be applied between bricks. As a result, it tends to cost less when recently constructed buildings undergo purely cosmetic work. 

Other factors that might affect the cost to tuck-point may include the time of year, the urgency of the task, a mason's reputation and the distance between the contractor's office and your residence.

The amounts that clients end up paying for this service fluctuates by at least $2,500. A relatively easy job may cost around $900. However, homeowners normally spend an average of roughly $1,300, whereas a mason may charge up to $3,500 if you have a particularly large or demanding project. Lastly, your geographic location will influence the price as well as local insurance rates, taxes and supply costs differ from one town to the next.

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