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How Much Does a Landscape Architect Cost?

There are tons of factors that go into landscape architecture. It is so much more than saying that this plant looks pretty here or there. Landscaping can be difficult, and what you think might look great can end up taking much more time, resources, and effort than you are able to provide.

landscape architect is not the same as an architect and the right contractor makes all the difference in the world. When it comes to hiring a landscape professional, you should expect a greater landscaping architecture cost compared to doing the work yourself, but when hiring a professional you are likely to get the result you actually wanted at a cost you have budgeted for.

Knowing your exact cost without speaking to a landscape architect first is impossible, but there are some things which you can keep in mind to get a better idea of the cost for the project you have.

Drawing Up Some Plans

Depending on the size and location of the project, it can cost anywhere from $300 - $2,800 for a landscape architect to come onto your property, assess it and complete a detailed plan. For smaller projects, it's also possible to get a couple of hours of verbal consultation to give some insight and offer solutions. 

This should cost anywhere between $50 - $150 an hour. However, should you choose to work with certain larger firms, you could be looking at anywhere between $6,000 and $8,000+ just for drafting some plans. But of course, there are many factors that will influence the overall cost to hire a landscape architect. 

Factors which affect the overall cost include:

  • size othe sizee project
  • materials used
  • time and effort 
  • regional location
  • landscape architect you choose to work with

Landscape architects have to take into account the soil type, the grade of the land, drainage, sustainability and so much more to make sure that your project keeps looking good for years to come. When you start planning, be sure to work with an architect that will bring experience and insight to your project. Check for references and view any previous projects they may have been involved in.

Project Size

Smaller jobs like having a shrub or two added may end up costing you as little as $200, but most of the time the cost to hire a landscape architect will be considerably more than that. As with any large project, the size does matter. The bigger your project, the bigger your price tag. Larger jobs could easily end up in the high range of around $8,000

Materials Used

When you pay a landscape architect you are not only paying for their time and labor, but you are also paying for the plants, soil, edging, rocks, and any other material or product that is added. This means that if you want a tree that costs $500, that cost is going to be incorporated into the overall bill running up your price. Most home projects will fall between $1,700 and $4,200, with most coming into the $3,000 range. Larger commercial jobs can run between $11,000 and $30,000, and can even run well over this.

Keeping in mind what products you are selecting can help you keep your overall bill down and can make it more manageable. This does not mean you have to skimp because most landscape architects will have deals with nurseries and other stores for less expensive products.

Time and Effort

The longer it takes to complete your project, the larger the bill will be. Those jobs that take a few days will fall into the average range while jobs that take weeks can easily end up being tens of thousands. Keep this in mind when you sit down to plan your project with your landscape architect.

Location & Contractor You Choose 

It's important to compare estimates in order to get a feel for your regional pricing trends. Doing so will allow you to get a feel for the type of contractor that will suit your particular project better.

Also, keep in mind that high-end landscape architects working on new construction often charge a percentage of the project costs. Once your project quote is received, you could be looking at anywhere between 13 - 20% markup.

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