Whole House Air Cleaner Cost


How Much Does a Whole House Air Cleaner Cost?

Whole house air cleaners are designed for installation directly on your home’s HVAC system. As the fan in your heating and cooling system runs, all the air in your house is drawn into the air cleaning unit, then filtered, and then distributed via your existing ductwork to all the connected rooms in your home.

Choosing the correct air cleaner for the size of your home is important for proper air purification. Additionally, different air filters are designed to handle various indoor allergens and contaminants, for example: 

  • pollen
  • airborne microbes
  • chemicals
  • gasses

A whole house air cleaner is, therefore, an investment, and it's extremely important to choose the right one for your needs.

Factors To Consider

Several factors affect the cost of centralized purifiers, but the primary cost determinant is the type of whole house air cleaner you want for your home, based on your purification needs. The most popular types of air purifiers are:

Electronic filters 

These units are also known as electrostatic precipitators and are perfect for eliminating particles. They work in a similar fashion to magnets by using a high electrical charge to capture foreign particles. They are very effective on small debris such as smoke particles.

These filters don’t require replacement, but the aluminum plates must be cleaned every few months in soapy water.

Flat filters

These filters are made from fiberglass and are designed to protect your home from large particles such as dust. Though your indoor air will be cleaner, flat filters won’t block air microbes. Flat filters need regular replacements for them to function properly.

Extended media filters

These filters trap even the tiniest of air particles using a specialized filter and an electrostatic charge to clean your indoor air.

Ultraviolet filters

This is the perfect system for allergy prone individuals. In addition to capturing even the smallest of particles, UV filters also eliminate all bacteria and viruses that might be lurking in your indoor air. As a result, they are very popular in hospital wards where airborne diseases such as tuberculosis may be present.

Whole house air cleaners filter the air that comes out of your ducts before you breathe it in. These central air purifiers need professional installation by a contractor. Be sure to compare quotes and check references before any work commences.  

What’s The Average Cost To Install a Whole House Air Cleaner?

Depending on the type of central air purifier you choose for your home and whether you have existing ductwork in your home, you can spend as little as $700 or as much as $4200. However, most homeowners pay an average of $2300 on the purchase and installation of a whole house air cleaner.

Why You Need a Whole House Air Cleaner

According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the indoor air in a typical American home is about 5-9 times more polluted compared to the air outdoors. 

A whole house air cleaner is essential, especially if you are allergy prone. The air inside your home is often contaminated with pollen, fumes, dust and other air microbes that can make normal breathing a hassle. If not addressed, this can lead to:

  • nasal congestions
  • fatigue
  • respiratory illnesses
  • dry eyes 
  • recurring headaches and more...

Though it’s virtually impossible to eradicate indoor contamination, a whole house air cleaner does an excellent job of reducing pollutants, thus reducing the risk of airborne diseases, allergy breakouts and even the impact of second-hand smoke. For a fresh, allergen-free and odor-free home, you should consider installing a centralized air cleaner in your home.

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