Attic Fan Repair Cost


How Much Does Attic Fan Repair Cost?

You value the comfort your home provides you as well as its ability to shelter you from the harmful elements of nature. One of the ways that your home keeps you comfortable is by keeping your environment at a regular and consistent temperature. You invest heavily in HVAC systems, insulation, and thermostats, all because you want to be able to regulate the temperature of your home.

One essential, but often overlooked, element of a heating and cooling system is the attic fan. If that fan goes on the fritz, an attic fan repair job becomes necessary. 

The cost to repair an attic fan can fluctuate depending on where you live, what type of fan you have installed and the setup of your attic. Only a professional can provide an accurate assessment of the cost of an attic fan repair job.

How Much Will It Cost To Repair an Attic Fan?

Typically the cost for an attic fan repair will be about $300, but sometimes it's as affordable as $100, and occasionally that price could be as high as $500.

 If you have a non-functioning attic fan, heat will continue to accumulate in the rafters of your attic, thereby causing the temperature of other parts of your home to go higher than you may desire. As soon as you realize your attic fan has malfunctioned, it is time to have an expert come to your home to determine the cause and extent of the problem.

Three main areas of attic fan malfunction

Thermostat: There's a good chance the fan itself is functional but the electronic component responsible for detecting the need for your fan to turn on can wear out. 
Motor: This is the heart of your attic fan and can make the cost to repair an attic fan higher than other problems. 
Electric: If you blow a fuse or have a loose electrical connection, breathe a sigh of relief as this attic fan repair cause is usually the least expensive.

Unless you happen to have experience with attic fan repair yourself, you're going to want to consult with a professional before even diagnosing the problem. Attic fan repair jobs can be handled quickly if you have the contact information of a local professional in your area. Depending on the cost involved with the repair work, you might even want to opt for a replacement, rather than a repair.

How To Get In Touch With Local Professionals

You might have noticed that a broken attic fan won't stop the rest of your AC unit from operating, at least not in most cases.

Don't avoid the repair because doing so will cause your cooling bills to skyrocket, thus negating any savings you'd get from avoiding an attic fan repair in the first place.

Simply enter your zip code into the space provided on this page to receive a no-obligation, 100% FREE-of-charge attic fan repair estimate from a local provider in your area. 

They'll be able to quickly determine the cause of your malfunctioning fan and also be able to determine the cost to repair the attic fan in your home.


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