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How Much Does Sliding Door Installation Cost?

Are you looking to install a new sliding door, but aren’t sure what this kind of project normally costs? Maybe you need to replace an existing sliding door that has seen better days? Or, perhaps you just need a fresh look.

Regardless of the reason why you are looking to make this upgrade to your home, opting to hire the services of a sliding door installation professional is your best bet to ensure that your project is done right the first time - and within budget.

Sliding doors are typically exterior doors made up of mostly glass which provide a certain level of security, appearance, and weather-sealing properties. That is why it's always smart to research all your options and examine the costs before you get started. This will make sure you get it right the first time and maximize your return on investment.

Once you've decided on a sliding glass door, the next logical step is finding a professional who can quote you honestly and do the job properly. Remember, just because someone quotes you, it doesn't necesarily mean they are able to give you a professional installation. Also, you don’t want to be blindsided once the bill arrives, so it’s best to compare several quotes and check references before you hire anyone.

Factors Affecting The Cost

You will find that the average cost to install a sliding door will vary according to the following factors:

  • your selection of material
  • the size and scope of your project
  • the finish quality
  • the rate of labor

Questions To Ask Yourself Before Your Sliding Door Installation

With all these factors to consider while trying to figure out your budget, ask yourself these questions:

  1. Are you looking to fully remove an existing patio door set, with its mounting material, and replace it all with a new patio door set and mounting material?
  2. Do you need to install a new sliding door in a brand new property? 
  3. Does your project involve specialty equipment that needs to be rented? 
  4. Do you have a heavy door or location that requires extra time and manpower?

How Much Does It Cost To Install a Sliding Door?

The most commonly sized sliding door opening is 6 ft 8" high by 6 to 12 ft wide. Before getting into the unique variables related to your project, consider that typical homeowners across the nation are paying $2,250 for this type of sliding door installation project.

On the low end, the cost for a 6” wide door installation comes in at about $1,350, while at the high end, the cost to install a sliding door of 12” wide door can average around $3,500+

Labor rates average $60 - $110 an hour and if you are considering double or single glazed door sets, expect to pay 20% less for single glazing. Generally, installers will take 7 hours to complete the installation. Consider looking for doors with energy efficient glass, factory installed weather stripping and reinforcements.

Cost Breakdown

As you may have noticed, a sliding door installation will have a few cost variations depending on the choices you make. First, let's consider the material and size choices most commonly available:

Material & Width Pros & Cons Cost
Aluminum 6" wide Low cost vs. needs painting $1,400
Wood 6" wide Style vs. high cost / maintenance $2,000
Wood 8" wide Style vs high cost / maintenance $2,300
Wood 12" wide Style vs. high cost / maintenance $3,400

Additional Costs To Consider 

Removal and disposal of any materials typically cost $100 - $150 and should be included in the cost estimate. If you require new locks and security, expect to spend $10 - $600 or more depending on the design and features chosen. If you would like a sliding door screen included, expect to spend $40 - $150, and for a retractable version $100 - $400.

On top of the costs for material and labor, you must also consider additional costs such as:

  • initial preparation and setup
  • equipment rental 
  • possible overage fees
  • taxes and permit fees

Knowing exactly what you want will speed up the installation process significantly. If you're not sure, compare a few estimates to get a feel for which one will best suit your particular installation requirements.  Don't forget to check references and examples of past projects your contractor may have completed. 

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