Stone Wall Repair Cost


How Much Does Stone Wall Repair Cost?

Stone walls are preferred by many homeowners because of their high strength and durability as compared to other types of walls. As a homeowner, you need to always ensure the stone walls in your home are in great shape. This means undertaking some repairs from time to time. With the right stone wall repair, you not only guarantee its strength and durability but also boost its appearance.

How Much Will It Cost To Repair a Stone Wall?

The amount of money it costs to repair a stone wall is not exact, it varies in each situation. Typically, homeowners spend an average of $600. This amount may go up to about $1,500 or be as low as $200 depending on the extent and nature of the repair needed. A minor DIY repair will obviously mean you spend less since you may not need to pay an expert to do the job for you. Major factors that usually affect the cost to repair a stone wall include:

  • The cause of the damage
  • The stone wall material (drywall or plaster)
  • Finishes such as repainting

The cause of the damage on your wall could be as a result of something being pushed against them, something tossed at the wall, a settling foundation, or even as a result of lightning or an earthquake. The more damaging the cause is, the higher the cost to repair a stone wall

Regardless of how much you are willing to spend on your stone wall repair, a good quality repair job should always be your priority. Collect stone wall repair estimates from multiple contractors in your area and compare them for the best deals. It will also ensure you choose a contractor to suit your needs and budget accordingly.

Why Hire a Professional?

In an effort to bring down the cost, most homeowners would try to do the repairs by themselves. This is only a good idea if the repair is a small DIY project. Otherwise, it is always advisable to seek the services of a qualified professional. 

Hiring a contractor has many benefits, such as:

  • They have the training and experience on stone wall repairs
  • They have the required tools and equipment
  • They offer a guarantee for the work they do
  • It is better to spend more on the repair by hiring a contractor than to spend less on some poor and recurring repairs that end up costing you more over time.

How To Find a Good Contractor

Not all contractors you come across are good, it is important you take your time and be considerate on the one you hire. Ask for referrals where possible, a contractor with a reputation of doing quality stone wall repair work for their past clients should have no problem with this. Ask your neighbors and friends to recommend one they might know of. Another important thing is to always check on their credentials and see whether they are really qualified.

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It is important to carry out timely repairs on your stone walls. The more you ignore minor damages before repairing them, the more serious and complex they become.

Calling in a contractor at a future date to do the repairs could mean your cost to repair a stone wall is higher than what you had initially anticipated.

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